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Dealing With Young Children When You Work From Home

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Working from home with small children can be a challenge, and it may be difficult to establish a routine that is both productive and keeps kids entertained. While you may feel frustrated by the interruptions that can interfere with your work, children may be upset that you are not focusing on them throughout the day. There are some ways to ensure you are able to be productive, while also understanding your child's need for attention and interaction.

Some ways to deal with children when you work from home include:

Spend money to make money. Sometimes you have to spend money in order to make money, and this extends to working from home, too. Consider enrolling your child in a private daycare or preschool like North End Montessori School to keep their minds and bodies active during your busy workday. Worried about the costs? Think about the money that you save on commutes, work attire, and other incidentals that you might have to pay if working at a conventional workplace, and put this toward your preschool payment.

Stick to a schedule. Try to keep a regular starting time, as well as quitting time when you work from home. This will provide your family with a concrete schedule that lets them know when you will be available to them and when they will have your full attention. Setting a firm schedule and routine may also help improve productivity for those that set their own hours.

Work non-traditional hours. If your children are young, working during the day may not be ideal for you. Instead, consider working less-traditional hours, such as at-night or early in the mornings. Depending on the type of work that you do, you might find that you are able to get far more done in a couple hours before anyone else wakes up then you would throughout the day.

Separate your workspace from the rest of the house. To be successful working from home, it is important to have your own dedicated space. This doesn't have to be an office, but it should be an area of the home where you can store all of your work-related materials and supplies, as well as a spot that affords you privacy when you need it.

The challenges to working at home are outweighed by the benefits, such as being your own boss or setting your own hours. Hold a family meeting to discuss how other members of the home can help by watching young siblings, preparing a meal, or assisting with chores. Try these tips to better cope with your children while you try to get your work done.