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Educational Franchises Can Give You Freedom From District Policies

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If you are a teacher who is tired of having your hands tied by school district policies, you may want to consider starting your own "school." Educational franchises are available that offer you different options for how and what you teach. Here are just a few different types of franchises you may want to consider that will enable you to keep teaching but more on your own terms.

Gifted and Talented

If your child is feeling bored at school, he or she may need to have more challenges in class. There are educational franchises that cater to teaching advanced classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. There are also facilities that teach advanced placement (AP) courses so your child can receive both college and high school credit for the class. While many high schools offer these types of classes, taking them limits students from taking other courses such as driver's education, art, or music.


Of course, if you are a teacher of music, art, or dance, you may have found that funding is being cut for what you offer. Instead of teaching at one school, you may have to change around, working at different schools every weekday. You may also notice that there is no money to buy the materials you need to properly teach the class so you end up spending your own to keep the students learning. If you are going to be spending your own money anyway, why not consider opening a franchise that will allow you to teach what, when, and how you want.

Special Help

These franchises offer help to students who have fallen behind and cannot seem to stay up with the rest of the class. They help with reading, math, test taking, science, and almost any other area where a child is behind. The problem could be something simple and temporary, such as a child who cannot seem to grasp the concepts of a specific class or lesson, or there could be a learning disability that causes the child to need continual help.

It is important to keep in mind that these facilities are for supplemental education. The children will still attend their normal school but come to you for added help, challenges or instruction in subjects not taught at the school. Being a franchise, you will receive business help where needed and help with marketing and advertising. The parents will be more involved in what is going on, and you will not have to deal with state or local funding issues. 

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