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Getting Your Child Prepared for Their First Session at a Daycare

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If you were just informed your job application was accepted and do not have a babysitter to watch your young child when you start going to your new place of employment, you may consider searching for a childcare facility to undertake the task. However, a child who has no experience with daycare may be a bit anxious about their parent leaving them for the day. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your young child for their first session at a daycare facility.

Increase the Amount of Time Your Child Spends with Other Children

If your child is not used to playing with others their age, you will want to have them get involved in activities within your community so they learn some social skills before they go to daycare. See if your local library has a reading session for young children or enroll your child in an art class at a nearby studio. This will allow your child to get used to sharing, listening to others, and following directions both individually and in a group. 

Have Another Adult Watch Your Child for Short Sessions

To alleviate the fear of separation anxiety on the first day of your child's daycare experience, it is a good idea to start the process in leaving your child with another adult beforehand. This can be someone your child already knows so that the time you spend away is a little bit less fear-inducing for your child.

Leave your child with this person for a little while and return promptly. Repeat the process a few more times, increasing the amount of time you stay away each time. Reassure your child each time you leave that you will be back shortly, and make sure to watch the clock and follow through with the amount of time you have told them.

Finally, have your child stay with the person they know and a new adult that you introduce to them before you leave. This will help them get used to being around a new person while in a safe environment with someone they know.

Visit the Daycare Facility Before the First Session Begins

It is best to bring your child to the daycare facility at a time when there are no children present to take a tour of the building and grounds. Make sure the caregiver is available at this time to speak to your child. You can inform your child after the tour that this teacher will be watching them when you go to work.

Take another visit to the daycare a few days later when there are children on the premises. Allow your child to observe them playing and how the caretaker converses with them. This will help familiarize your child with the structure of the facility so they will be less likely to be anxious on their first day.

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